Thursday, April 9, 2015

Do You Make Your Own Rainbow?

I've been offline the past weeks, traveling, writing, reading. It has been one of the more relaxing, happy phases of my life, and as you can see from my picture below-- I've taken charge of making my own rainbow. Or, in this case, spotting one, in Penang, Malaysia.

What have you been up to? Made or spotted any rainbows lately?
Rainbow-spotting: Reading, Writing, Traveling

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Do you #write Inwards or Outwards? #amwriting

The last month or so, I've been trying to juggle life-stuff and writing, and blogging has slipped through the cracks.

Though I've technically surfaced from my self-imposed hibernation, the writer in me has gone into a cave again: all I want to do with the limited time I have on my hands these days is to write, edit, fix stories.

It is a peculiar thing, writing a story-- it is being someone else, getting into their skins, thinking their thoughts. It is feeling the weight of their flesh on your own bones, the bloat in their stomachs from their heavy lunches, the dizziness from their alcohol or drug trips, their helplessness in the face of death, their joy at winning a race, the adrenalin coursing through your veins as much as theirs. So many lives wrapped up in the world of stories, and through them so much understanding of what success and failure, joy and hurt, giving and accepting, mean.

I'm loth to stir out and about. When out with others, I still have my eyes gazing inward, because of these many lives I've created within me and the constant reminder: to each I must give a voice, an existence.

Haven't been blog-visiting these past months, not as much as I used to. I miss you all, sometimes, as if from within a torpor. Feel like I've fallen into an alternate universe, where imaginary people look more 'real' than the real and online people in my life.

I'm sure I'll wake up from this drowsy-dreamlike world, but until I do, here's a wave and a hug from my world spinning parallel to yours.

Have you ever had a similar experience of being in a faraway world of your imagination? Does reading or writing ever put you in this inward spiral? Do you write Inwards or Outwards?


Friday, February 27, 2015

What are you #reading?

I've been on a hiatus, more about it on my other blog, here and here. Long story short, I was in Yangon, Myanmar, last week with no book to read.

I walked out on the pavements, and also to the Bagan Bookshop (a rather interesting little place with loads of books discarded by foreign tourists selling for a dollar or two each).

Pictured below are the books I found: all of them printed in the 1970's, other than Orwell's book. I read Gore Vidal, and have microwaved all the books now that I'm back: don't want any tiny critters invading my shelves.

What about you? What have you read this new year? What books would you recommend?

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

How Old is your #Blog ?

Does age matter?

Tomorrow, this blog would turn seven.

Not that it feels any different from when I started this blog : I did it then because every once in a while I felt the need for community, a sounding board, a support group.

When I blog today, I blog for the same reasons.

If anything, my hope for this blog is to write less, read more. There are far too many excellent blogs to read, and I don't do them nearly enough justice.

What about you? Why do you blog? How old is your blog? When visiting a blog, does its age matter to you?

Monday, December 22, 2014

What joys will your #Christmas Bring?

This Christmas, I'm going to take a reading break.

That Christmas tree you see to the left? It is two stories tall, and it is made entirely of books. (It's bringing in the festive season at the Singapore National Library, from where I borrowed no less than eight books.)

This week, I'll gather me those books, order me some food, curl up on the sofa and read. What with all the traveling, the work, and the writing, I've been having withdrawal symptoms-- I crave days of uninterrupted reading.

Luckily, my family doesn't mind my nerdy habits. 

What about you? Prayer, Goodwill, Friends, Food, Family? Downtime? 

Wherever you are, and whatever it is you're planning for Christmas, I hope you have a good one. See you in the New Year!

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

What does our #Writing bring us?

Ursula K Le Guin is one of my much-loved authors. 

I loved the Left Hand of Darkness when I first read it more than a decade ago, and I adore her Earthsea series.

Last week, I saw her acceptance speech for her National Award, and it made me tear up just a little bit, especially the last part:

Books aren’t just commodities; the profit motive is often in conflict with the aims of art. We live in capitalism, its power seems inescapable – but then, so did the divine right of kings. Any human power can be resisted and changed by human beings. Resistance and change often begin in art. Very often in our art, the art of words.

I’ve had a long career as a writer, and a good one, in good company. Here at the end of it, I don’t want to watch American literature get sold down the river. We who live by writing and publishing want and should demand our fair share of the proceeds; but the name of our beautiful reward isn’t profit. Its name is freedom.

Read anything by Ursula Le Guin? Do you agree with what she says?